The Speech of Chairman

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    With the reform and open to the outside world, XINLAN GROUP has been founded for more than 20 years. In retrospect, difficulties of starting business and pioneering fields and successful joy are still visible in our heart. 20 years’ development, XINLAN GROUP,starting as a small factory along Oujiang River, now becomes a large enterprise group which has four production bases. The growth of XINLAN GROUP owes to the support and efforts of all customers, employees and friends.

    Honest person is as the way of heaven. Integrity is the fundamental foundation of XINLAN GROUP, and also the operating guidelines for so many years. Honesty is gold, the achievement of XINLAN GROUP is not because of my ability, but owes to all members’ integrity management, unity, hard working spirit and the courage of being the first in the world. At this moment, humbly I would like to express sincere thanks to colleagues and friends who fight side by side. We will look forward to the future and be steadily engaged in wire, cable and cable accessories manufacturing, working for a common goal together.

    Cooperation and win-win are our pursuit of business norms. Cooperation is the premise of win-win cooperation, and win-win cooperation is the purpose of cooperation. Meeting the demands of customers is our goal. In cooperation with the customer, XINLAN GROUP products have been applied to many areas, and obtained a profound influence in the cable area.

    XINLAN GROUP won’t stop stepping forward. We will create a better future for all our customers. Looking back to the 20 years, XINLAN GROUP has entered diversified industries, and walk towards a more ambitious target and never stop fighting!