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Our belief

XINLAN GROUP CO., LTD. develop and grow up rapidly. The most important thing
is that they unswervingly adhere to the "three convictions":

1 .respect employees' personal beliefs.
2.respect customer's beliefs Their resounding slogan is "integrity" . They take
two measures to ensure the quality of service:
First, select and train excellent staff.
Second, choose and train engineers for customer service.
3.dream Perform all tasks for dreams.

The core value

XINLAN GROUP CO., LTD. has five core values:


1、believe and respect for all individuals;
2、pursue higher and better achievement;
3、do things honestly, no cheating users or employees and can not do things
against the integrity of things;
4、the company's success is to rely on all employees, not by a single person;
5、believe in constant innovation and do things with creativity.

Our Culture

What are the cultures of XINLAN GROUP CO., LTD. ?


1、 production power;
The slogan of XINLAN GROUP is scientific and technological innovation, become the leading one in the world. This is also the significance of the existence of XINLAN.

As an enterprise, it is necessary to listen to and understand the needs of customers, and then meet these needs, and then exceed customer expectations. Our mission is to become an innovative enterprise, and has become highly respected enterprises in the market. The enterprise must make sure the high quality of products, and continue to develop new ones, creating a higher value for customers.

An enterprise,no matter from which country, ultimately need people to realize its value. No staff, no enterprise. Commonly companies regards customers as god. But in XINLAN GROUP, employees and customers are equally important for the company.

Companies must give investors a reasonable return. Of course, investors should not only look at corporate profitability, but also look at the development of enterprises in the face of risks and whether it has a more development prospects. So, how to let investors in favor of your business? Enterprises not only need to have courage, but also have the ability to better and long-termly survive, and has a good foresight for the future.

5、social responsibility;
To maximize the wealth of shareholders or the pursuit of maximum profit is not the main driving force or the primary objective of XINLAN GROUP. In addition to making money, we are still actively take up the responsibility of social citizens in the country and region where the enterprise is located. The tax is part of them. Equally important is environment friendly. Environmental protection is closely related to the health of all the people.