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Repair method for rubber sleeve cable

2016/8/11 11:13:29

Rubber sheathed cable will often partially broken when used, causing  certain risks and life will be shorten. So in the routine inspection if it is found that the rubber sleeve cable is worn , it should be timely repaired.

First, rubber cable repair required items. Repair equipment: with a multi - Specification tubular cavity and automatically control the temperature, timing of small pressure equipment. Repair rubber material: the rubber sleeve cable wire is consistent with the material, and the amount of glue should be higher than the repaired material, curing system is slightly stronger. 
Second, repair methods:

1, set temperature and time according to the curing system of rubber material ;

2, use a rubber ink diluent to wash the repaired part, especially where connection part;

3, cut adhesive material according to the size of the amount of their gap , not too many or too little;

4, put the rubber material in the gap, and pay attention to that the rubber material is not higher than the rubber sleeve cable circumferential surface;

5, pack with high temperature resistant PP. And put it into the tubular cavity that is smaller than the line size, lock the modes, make the position a certain pressure. Note the cavity diameter is 0.1~0.2mm smaller than the diameter.

6, after curing time, take out the product. If a small amount of glue overflow, use a sharp blade to make the repair, and sassafras diluent.

Third, test method: after rubber sheathed cable is repaired, an amount of air is pressed into the patch cable juxtaposition and put in water to check if there is any leakage phenomenon and judge it is good or bad.